Natural Psoriasis Treatments

The best way to sum up psoriasis is… it sucks. There is no cure all and something that works for one person doesn’t even pretend to work on another and something that works one day has no effect another. Its a frustrating condition that leads sufferers to try any and all treatments. Below are a few of the natural psoriasis treatments floating around that have worked for some.

Vitamins and Supplements

Some people have found out from their doctors that they suffered from certain vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin B12. Based in this information they began taking vitamin supplements and many reported improvement in their psoriasis. Others swear by fish oil supplements which can be taken orally or even rubbed on the effective areas. In fact the National Psoriasis Foundation even mentions fish oil under complimentary treatments on their website with favorable results.

Psoriasis Diet

I talked a little about this in my “Psoriasis Diet – Fact or Fiction” post but the long story short is a healthy diet can improve psoriasis. Certain foods such as red meats, dairy and alcohol have been shown to be triggers in some people so testing these foods in an elimination diet can’t hurt. This is also a good way to add fish oil to your diet by just eating the fish instead of taking the supplement. Fish, lean meats and veggies are all recommended eating in the psoriasis diet.

Dead Sea Salt

People travel thousands of miles to soak in the Dead Sea based on reports of the salty water curing all sorts of skin ailments. Many studies have been done between the connection of Dead Sea salt and psoriasis with positive results. It does however seem to be a temporary fix for most however as over half of those tested eventually have a re-occurrence. So before you travel half way across the world try a Dead Sea salt bath at home. You can buy Natural Dead Sea Salt here on Amazon. Soak in a bath for 15 or 20 minutes and your scales should come right off.

Olive Oil

Besides being a great natural moisturizer olive oil has been used successfully in treating scalp psoriasis. Try pouring warm extra virgin olive oil on your scalp before you go to bed. Cover with a towel or other wrap overnight then shampoo out the next morning. This should work to remove a lot of the scales on your scalp. Some recommend following this with aloe or jojoba oil to moisturize.


Many people report their psoriasis clears up in the summer when they are out in the sun more or after visiting the tanning bed. This makes complete sense considering doctors now use ultraviolet light in psoriasis treatment. So grab a towel and a chair and head to the beach for a few days. If its winter hit the tanning bed for a few visits.

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