Baby Eczema Treatment – Bleach Bath

Before I start let me see if I can be clear on one thing… NEVER TRY ANY TREATMENT ON YOUR BABY UNTIL YOU HAVE CONSULTED A DOCTOR… NEVER. In some cases, Mom does not always know best.

One of the most debated baby eczema treatments around is to give your child a bleach bath. A study done in 2009 (you can see the published test here) showed that children with moderate to severe eczema who were placed in a diluted bleach bath had a reduction of eczema five times greater than a group given plain water baths. The most telling story of this test is that the results were so dramatic the testing was stopped early to allow all the children the benefit of the bleach baths.

Parents tend to freak out when they think bleach bath and we shouldn’t judge them to harshly on this. After all, bottles of Clorox have some pretty strong warnings on them and I certainly remember my mother telling me not to mess with the bleach when I was growing up. So fears are justified.

If you are one of those parents that is freaking out realize that this is a very diluted formula. The Dr. in this study recommends two tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water which comes up to around 1/2 cup for a full tub. This isn’t much different than letting your kid swim in a swimming pool full of chlorine.

Another thing to consider if you are still worried about bleach baths is that even the water you drink out of the tap contains bleach. Most cities if not all use chlorine bleach in treatment of your local water supplies. In case of emergencies the government even provides instructions on how to treat water with chlorine bleach to make it safe to drink.

There are quite a few eczema sufferers who swear this method works. If you have tried everything else on your baby without success at least have the talk with your doctor about whether a bleach bath baby eczema treatment would work for you and your little one.


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